Die 7 Vorteile

Seven good reasons for DATA NatuRe

  1. Less work: Manufacturers no longer manage their master data on many portals, but only at one central location.
  2. Higher data quality: If the data has to be entered only once, the probability of errors is reduced. Possibly incorrect data are avoided in the database with sophisticated electronic methods or are noted by other users.
  3. Control over your own data: The manufacturers are and remain the owners of their data. In this capacity, they can download their own information and pass it on without restriction. Manufacturers and distributors decide who gets access to their own master data.
  4. Transparency and co-determination: It is desirable that the members of the cooperative participate in decisions. To make this possible, they have access to all information and can participate in all important processes. This ensures co-determination and transparency.
  5. Our branch of trade is getting stronger: The data pool sets the industry standard for master data and product groups and guarantees high-quality data along the value chain.
  6. Nobody makes money from the data: The cooperative is not profit-oriented, but fulfils its tasks exclusively for the benefit of all companies in the sector.
  7. Equal strength of the members: Each member has exactly one vote in the General Assembly. Thus, large and small companies have the same influence.