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View of a manufacturer:

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Dashboard für Hersteller/Inverkehrbringer The start page of the manufacturers/ distributors (the so-called dashboard) contains all important functions at a glance. In addition to the currently listed products per brand, the registered employees and a view of the latest changes, current news, support information and, of course, a navigation with further functions are also displayed.



BearbeitungsmodusThe product editing mode guides you through the creation of an item. Traffic light system and progress bar help to estimate how much information is still missing to fulfil the industry standard. Fields marked in red and with asterisks (such as the associations in the example) indicate so-called mandatory fields. Additional information such as legal texts, links or care tips are stored in info fields (i).

View of a data receiver:

Wiki-ModulWith the Wiki module, errors in content can be communicated on a field-by-field basis. The manufacturer receives a push message and, if necessary, reminders to respond to the data receivers's comment and improve the master data of the article.

Produktfreigabe: Anfrage durch einen Datenabnehmer


Data receivers get an overview of all manufacturers listed at Data NatuRe directly in the portal. These can be asked individually or in groups for a product release.

The system automatically sends an email to the selected companies and asks them to process the request.