Working groups

Working groups

There are many ways to get involved in a cooperative. However, those who do not want to be elected to the supervisory board or appointed to the advisory board can find a place in one of our many working groups. These meet almost exclusively virtually and irregularly. Some working groups are real perennials and have existed since the beginning of DATA NatuRe, others only until the completion of a project.

Join in!

  • WG digital processes: IT-experienced or at least affine persons, preferably with a corresponding relation to process management and digitalisation strategies, are cordially invited. We would like to exchange ideas, problems and future strategies in order to support companies in their digital plans. In these very dynamic and increasingly critical fields, it makes a lot of sense to combine forces and expertise.

  • WG logic checks: If A = 1, then B = 2? We support our manufacturers in data maintenance by means of clever logic checks. The portal recognises dependencies and can, for example, pre-fill information, block fields and ultimately prevent incorrect data entries and thus increase data quality. Logic ideas are exchanged in the WG logic checks. Many of these ideas have already become great implementations in our data platform.

  • WG fruits & vegetables: The natural food, natural goods and health food sector is characterised by a diverse range of fresh products. However, data and information on the individual fruit and vegetable varieties are often not available digitally in a standardised form and therefore do not easily find their way into the trade and to the end consumer. The Fruit & Vegetables Working Group has set itself the goal of eliminating this deficiency within the framework of the DATA NatuRe platform.

  • WG logistics: This area of maintenance, which is often underestimated by manufacturers and leads to irritation, is essential for retailers. Automated warehouse management, truck loading and sensible category management are only possible with perfectly maintained data. This WG is working on improved user guidance and easy-to-understand information texts. This is how, for example, the DATA NatuRe logistics measurement standard came into being.