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About us

As the requirements for clean data management are increasing and high-quality master data are essential along the value-added chain in order to ensure electronic data exchange via standardised formats and thus minimise the effort and error-proneness in the area of data maintenance, the entire organic sector has, on the initiative of the German Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers Association (BNN e.V.) in 2015 the "DATA NatuRe eG - Daten Naturkost & Reformwaren" was founded - a cooperative with the aim of creating and managing a central data pool exclusively for the health food, natural food and reform goods industry.

Since March 2017, this data pool has been fully usable for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, POS system service providers, online shops and all other data consumers. Our cooperative guarantees a sustainable further development, among other things through a Supervisory Board elected by the members, a Board of Directors with industry experience and IT knowledge and a professional Advisory Board.

Our Supervisory Board

Data NatuRe Aufsichtsratfrom left to right: Dr. Peter Meyer (Weiling GmbH), Volkmar Spielberger (Spielberger GmbH), Elisabeth Huber (Taifun-Tofu GmbH), Jens Schinnerling (dennree GmbH), Carsten Greve (Reformhaus eG)

Board of Directors

Ronny Stein (Vorstand) 

Ronny Stein & Christian Supenkämper

The Advisory Board of DATA NatuRe eG

Data NatuRe Beirat

A central founding element of our cooperative is the question of legitimacy. Who decides on changes to the data pool? External requests (e.g. the inclusion of an additional field) are decided by our Advisory Board.

The DATA NatuRe Advisory Board for Industry Standard Maintenance & Development consists of representatives from all stages of the value chain, i.e. there must always be at least one person from the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors on the Advisory Board. Requests for changes and ideas are submitted to the advisory board and discussed there jointly. Subsequently, the Advisory Board recommends the board of directors to implement the change or, if necessary, to reject it.

Members of the Advisory Board Industry Standard Maintenance & Development:

  • Manufacturer: Enya Ehrhard (Demeter Felderzeugnisse), Margit Gomm (ÖMA), Doris Buhl (Hügli Nahrungsmittel), Karin Wagner (Sonnentor)
  • Wholesale: Ellen Hörnemann (Weiling), Andrea Zettl-Wendrich (dennree), Marie Labonté (Alnatura)
  • Retail: Carsten Schubert (Reformhaus), Judith Wentzel (Paradieschen), Sascha Rieth (Bio Company)