Was kostet mich das?

Costs for manufacturers and distributors

Your company becomes a cooperative member

Our cooperative only works to cover costs and does not strive for profit. In order to use our portal, a cooperative membership is required. We have provided all necessary documents for you here. In our cooperative there is no annually recurring membership fee, but a one-time subscription of shares. The obligatory share is 250 euros. According to our articles of association, an obligation to make additional contributions is excluded.

Fee schedule

We use a uniform fee schedule for all manufacturers and marketers. The income and expenditure of the cooperative is presented once a year at our general assembly. For you, this means maximum transparency and the possibility of participation.

  • 20 Euro admission fee per article and 0.80 Euro per month (for each article placed online in the portal).
  • Optional: 20 Euro third-party account fee per month (flat rate) for setting up and providing a service provider account for uploading and maintaining articles (valid from April 2021).
  • Quarterly invoices provide you with a monthly overview. In the portal you can use the billing module to track in detail when which article was created and put online/offline.
  • The admission fee is due for all articles, regardless of whether they are subsequently placed online and used. If you want to work with test articles, you can use our test system. You can obtain user logins from our team. The system does not record articles that are deleted on the same day on which they were created.
  • Maintaining industry standards: Items placed online that fall below 100% maintenance status remain visible to data users for four weeks. If these are not maintained in this time according to the industry standard (100%), the articles in the portal receive the status "released (incomplete for at least 4 weeks)". These articles are no longer visible to data receivers, but will continue to be billed. Manufacturers are informed about these processes by means of automated e-mail messages in order to be able to add missing information in time.
  • Example calculation for twenty permanent items:
    • 20 articles × 20 Euro admission fee = 400 Euro (one-time)
    • 20 articles × 0,80 Euro monthly fee × 12 months = 192 Euro (annual fee)

For a seasonal article you pay the one-time admission fee, but afterwards only the months in which the article is put online. For example, an article that is active for three months every year costs 2.40 euros per year instead of 9.60 euros for a permanent article.

With us there are no hidden costs. For example, the creation of additional brands or accounts is free of charge for employees. Additional modules can be added for a fee by manufacturers who require these extras for their company.

Articles that differ only minimally from one another can be created in the portal as so-called variants. For example, you only pay fees once for wines that do not differ from each other except for the vintage/age. In the portal you will find an orientation table that helps you to find out whether your product can be created as a variant.