Extension modules for manufacturers

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The basic functions of our portal are covered by our fee model. However, it is worth taking a look at our extension modules to adapt Data NatuRe to your wishes. You can book the modules directly in the portal on the "Extensions" tab. Click on the respective pictures to enlarge them.

Multilingualism (English, Spanish, Italian, French)

Book our multilingual module to display all areas of the portal (menus, texts, fields, field contents) in your national or favourite language. You can easily switch between the languages at any time. As a manufacturer, please make sure that all free text fields are maintained in German, as your customers need this information in German. Excel lists, data sheets and interface information are not translated.


Private label module

Our private label module allows you to connect and manage any number of producers. As a product manager you create your articles in a rudimentary form, link them to previously created producers and let them maintain the articles. Finally, you only need to put the articles online once the producer has fully maintained your data. Articles already in the portal can be converted into private label articles with just one click. You can assign your employees the role of brand maintainer in the portal so that they too can link producers to articles. No one outside your company can see which producers have been created.

Optionally, further useful extensions can be added to this basic module:

  • Freely definable fields:

    Make Data NatuRe your final Product Information Management System (PIM) and add new, individually configurable fields to the portal. Choose from a variety of possible field types (e.g. number, text, yes/no, single selection, multiple selection, matrix, etc.), save tables with selection options, info texts, field sequences, headers or separators for better clarity and determine whether they are MUST or CAN fields. You can assign the fields you create to individual products or display them for all your products. In this way, you collect all relevant information about your products in one central location. This does not change the Data NatuRe standard. Data receivers / customers cannot view the fields you have created.

    Frei definierbare Felder
  • Document management:

    Make important documents available at item and/or producer level that can only be viewed internally and by your producers. Upload all common formats (.ppt, .word, .excel, .pdf, .jpg, .tiff, .png) and add comments and a status (current or archived) to the documents if desired. At producer level, you can upload an unlimited number of files; 50 MB are available per item. Only product managers and brand managers are allowed to delete and change the status, not producers. Data receivers / customers cannot view the documents you have uploaded.Dokumentenverwaltung
  • Private label data sheet / Excel (with freely definable fields):

    The private label data sheet and Excel spreadsheet contain all maintained fields, including all individually created fields. In addition, the data sheet contains predefined texts on validity, confidentiality, information obligation in case of changes and signature fields for the manufacturer. Data receivers / customers cannot view the private label data sheet and the special Excel spreadsheet.
  • Internal Wiki:

    Use our internal Wiki to create Wiki processes directly with your producers or connected employees. These cannot be viewed by data receivers / customers, and are therefore strictly separated from the normal wiki processes of the Data NatuRe standard. In addition, this module provides you with a general dialogue field on article level to start a field-unspecific communication. Product managers and brand managers can set in their profile at product group level for which product groups they would like to receive push notifications.