Digitalisierungsförderung: go-digital

go-digital: Profit from the funding programme!

Nationwide funding by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)

go-digitalThe quality of your data is an essential factor for economic success. Our product data portal is only as good as the data it manages. Together with our development partner Auctores, we have therefore developed a concept that helps you to maintain the articles and also provides you with this data for your own use. The keyword for this is digitalisation of your use of the product data portal.

Auctores is authorised by the Federal Ministry of Economics to support you with funding within the framework of the go-digital funding programme. Extensive manual maintenance and especially double maintenance causes considerable additional costs and is prone to errors. By connecting your system or using the data portal as your Product Information Management System (PIM), you can avoid these high efforts and improve your data quality significantly.

Digitisation: recognising potential, seizing opportunities

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), the increasing digitalization of the entire business day currently represents one of the greatest challenges. In order to be able to sustainably survive in competition, it is important to firmly establish digital processes in all business areas. Within the framework of go-digital, practical consulting and implementation services are funded so that the opportunities and potential of digitisation can be used. This will enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to keep pace with the technological and societal developments of digitisation in e-commerce and the increasing need for security in digital networking.

What is promoted?

go-digital provides targeted support in three areas:

  • Digitalised business processes

Introduction of e-business software solutions for complete and partial processes of the company, e.g. returns management, logistics, warehousing, payment systems.

Goal: Digitize workflows in the company as consistently as possible, establish secure electronic and mobile processes

  • Digital market development

Development of a company-specific online marketing strategy, establishment of a professional, legally compliant Internet presence (with web shop, social media tools, content marketing)

Goal: Consulting on various aspects of professional online marketing and implementation of the recommended services

  • IT Security

Risk and security analysis of the existing / newly planned operational ICT infrastructure, initiation/optimisation of operational IT security management systems

Goal: Avoidance of economic damage and minimisation of risks from cybercrime

  • Digitalisation strategy

Needs analysis, feasibility analysis and risk assessment for the development of new digital business models/processes and digitalisation of existing business models/processes

Goal: Needs analysis, feasibility analysis and risk assessment for your own digitisation project

  • Data competence

Active participation in the developing data economy and generation of new business areas, taking into account legal and security aspects

Goal: Active participation in the evolving data economy and generation of new business areas

Who is supported?

Beneficiary companies

Legally independent small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial sector or the craft trades can, as a beneficiary, benefit from the promotion of consultancy services. The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Employment of less than 100 employees
  • Previous year's turnover or previous year's balance sheet total not exceeding EUR 20 million
  • Permanent establishment or branch in Germany
  • Eligibility under the de minimis Regulation

How high is the funding?

Funding is available for consultancy services at a rate of 50 percent up to a maximum daily consultancy fee of EUR 1,100 (net). The beneficiary company bears only its own contribution. The scope of funding is a maximum of 30 consultant days over a period of up to six months.

The special advantage of go-digital: The funding programme offers companies unbureaucratic financial support, because the authorised consulting company in charge of the project takes over the complete administrative project management - from application to reporting.

Detailed information can be found in the go-digital flyer from Auctores, on the corresponding go-digital website or by contacting

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