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The central data pool for master data of our industry

One data pool for all!

For a long time, manufacturers and distributors in the organic food, natural products and reform goods industry had to enter their master data into various databases or fill out Excel lists and send them by e-mail. This is error-prone, labour-intensive and cumbersome. Moreover, they cannot always control exactly who gets their data.

Thanks to Data NatuRe this has been a matter of the past for some years now: On our platform, the master data of the manufacturers (firm-, brand- and productdata) are combined in one single database. Authorized wholesalers and retailers, POS system service providers, online shops and other IT service providers can access the information from here. The database is managed by the DATA NatuRe cooperative, of which all manufacturers and distributors in our sector can become members. The cooperative's goal of designing and managing the data pool in such a way that it offers as many advantages as possible has long been achieved. Convince yourself of our performance by means of portal example pictures and the advantages listed below:

Advantages for manufacturers

  • Manufacturers control their own data: You determine who gets access to your master data. In our data receiver management, you control specifically who is allowed to retrieve data. With just a few mouse clicks you decide whether all or only certain companies may use your data.
  • Precisely fitting input fields: No matter if it's applesauce, hand cream or toothbrush. The input fields of the database are adapted to the respective product group and optimally map legal requirements as well as additional certifications and information under private law for trade.
  • The data quality increases: The probability of errors is reduced because you only have to enter your data in one place. Various logic checks and mechanisms in our database prevent errors, and the overall data quality increases significantly.
  • The costs are fairly distributed: We work with a uniform fee schedule for all manufacturers and distributors and have no hidden costs. All income and expenses of the cooperative are presented once a year at our general assembly. For you, this means maximum transparency.
  • The members control DATA NatuRe: Ownership of the database is organised as a cooperative: Any producer wishing to use the database becomes a member and has one vote in the general assembly, regardless of the number of shares signed. This ensures a balance of power between large and small companies. As a member of the cooperative, you enjoy extensive information rights that guarantee full transparency.