Extension modules for data receivers

Service GmbH

The basic functions of the portal are available free of charge to you as a data receiver. But it is worth taking a look at our extension modules to adapt DATA NatuRe to your wishes. You can book the modules directly in the portal on the "Extensions" tab. Click on the respective pictures to enlarge them.

CSV export (Excel table with all articles and article information)

With our CSV export you will receive a complete Excel table of all articles released for you with all maintained article information at the push of a button. The columns of the table contain the interface name and are sorted alphabetically. You can download the Excel table from the portal without restrictions and then configure it according to your requirements.

Images ZIP export (bulk delivery)

No matter whether you have access to 1000, 10000 or 50000 articles with us - at the beginning of each month we provide you with all article main images in two practical formats (1000x1000 pixels and 150x150 pixels thumbnail format; jpg/png) via download link as a ZIP file.
The images have been automatically scaled and renamed by us so that they can be reasonably processed by you (BIO-ID, GTIN, variant number, image type, number of pixels).

Even if you are not connected to our portal via an interface, you will always receive up-to-date images and can use them in your online shop or for marketing purposes.

Infoservice & Automation

Would you like to be notified immediately when new manufacturers use the DATA NatuRe portal? Would you like to be informed automatically if something has changed in the approvals assigned to you? Our module "Infoservice & Automation I" helps you to stay up to date. Especially for wholesalers and IT service providers with many downstream customers, it is essential to achieve the greatest possible coverage with DATA NatuRe. Our automated info mails help you with this. Almost no week goes by without new members joining DATA NatuRe - with this module you are one of the first to find out which manufacturers are new to the industry, or at least new to DATA NatuRe. And if a manufacturer has withdrawn your approval (completely or for individual brands), we will also inform you by e-mail.

Automatically ask all manufacturers new to DATA NatuRe for product approval. In your company profile, you can enter a suitable letter which will be sent directly to new manufacturers. Without having to log in to the portal, you stay up to date and save time! If necessary, you can change your cover letter at any time and temporarily suspend the automation service by means of a switch.

Cloud Backup

What happens if someone attacks your IT environment and you can no longer access your company data? Is your company data already sufficiently secured? Does it make sense to keep data in only one place? Has the replayability of data sets really been tested? Is there proof that everything works?
Don't panic, we also support you with these challenges of digitalisation.

With our partner LEIBOLD Sicherheits- und Informationstechnik GmbH, we offer you appropriate services for all company sizes. The risk of a data failure and thus the risk of an expensive loss of revenue is thus greatly reduced.

To take advantage of our attractive partner conditions model, please contact us directly.

Hull data

Obtain hull data for articles that are not currently online via API query. Articles can be retrieved that were online in the past but are now archived or in edit mode and for which a brand release is available. The following data, if available, is transferred:

  • BIO-ID
  • Variant number
  • Brand name
  • BNN trademark abbreviation
  • Manufacturer ID
  • Piece GTIN
  • Product name (medium)
  • Status
  • Time of last processing

The query is made at brand level by specifying the corresponding brand ID. Our interface documentation contains a detailed description.

Scaled images

Save costs and traffic: Directly via the interface (Rest-API) you can use this extension to download images scaled by us in addition to the original product images. We offer the following resolutions: 150x150 pixels (thumbnail), 300x300 pixels, 450x450 pixels (medium) and 1000x1000 pixels (magnifying glass function). Instructions for the required retrieval commands (parameters) can be found in our interface documentation.

Self-construction data sheet

With our self-construction data sheet (PDF) you can design a data sheet according to your wishes. You can create any number of templates and access them at any time in the portal. With just a few clicks you can select which categories are to be displayed on the data sheet and thus create a data sheet exclusively with allergen information or logistics data, for example. Of course, the do-it-yourself data sheet also works in combination with the Multi-Download, i.e. data sheets can be requested for several or all articles of a brand at the same time.Eigenbau-DatenblattEigenbau-Datenblatt

Multilingualism (English, Spanish, Italian, French)

Book our multilingual module to have all areas of the portal (menus, texts, fields, field contents) displayed in your national or favourite language. You can easily switch between the languages at any time. Please note that manufacturers must nevertheless maintain all free text fields in German. Excel lists, data sheets and interface information are not translated.Mehrsprachigkeit