Industry standard for master data

The alternative to existing isolated applications for wholesalers, retailers, POS system service providers, online shops and all other data consumers

All players in the natural food, natural products and reform goods industry need high-quality master data, whether for their own merchandise management, cash register systems, E-Commerce or other downstream systems.

DATA NatuRe provides you with all master data free of charge!

Our cooperative was founded at the end of 2015 with the aim of creating a central data platform and corresponding industry standards for master data. Our portal has been fully usable since March 2017 and contains over 2200 brands with 46000+ active data sets from more than 1400 manufacturers. All relevant wholesalers and chain stores rely on DATA NatuRe as an industry solution. We offer you a central database in which every manufacturer and distributor in our industry can enter their master data (firm-, brand- and product data), industry-standard product groups and jointly defined data fields that are properly maintained. Isolated solutions and Excelists cannot provide this.

Cost overview for data consumers:

  • Portal registration: 0 Euro
  • Portal usage: 0 Euro
  • Viewing and retrieving  product data: 0 Euro
  • Viewing and retrieving brand- and firm data: 0 Euro
  • Certificate management: 0 Euro
  • Interface description: 0 Euro
  • Content support: 0 Euro
  • Searching for new products: 0 Euro
  • Optional extension modules: You can find prices in the PIM

Why are we offering you all this?

We have created a level playing field in the industry for the first time. In addition to the essential advantage for manufacturers of having to maintain master data in only one place, there are also a number of advantages for you as a data consumer:

  • High quality data from a central source. For suppliers of dennree, Weiling and many other wholesalers it is already a listing requirement to maintain master data at DATA NatuRe. You no longer need to merge data from different sources.
  • Master data management and other services are separated. DATA NatuRe takes care of the master data administration and all external service providers are connected on an equal footing. This means that there is a transparent system and you do not have to worry about your data stream being cut off or that you will be financially disadvantaged compared to others.
  • We are organized as a cooperative and therefore only work to cover costs and do not strive for profit. Cooperatives are regularly audited by an external association and are considered the most insolvency-proof legal form.
  • We offer you an open and modern XML interface (REST API) and support. This means that you receive all the information you need to connect your own merchandise management system or an online shop directly to the portal.
  • We have established an Advisory Board for Industry Standard Maintenance & Development. This committee is happy to receive your comments and wishes to discuss them. This way the master data portal remains future-proof.

What's the next step?

Convince yourself with our portal sample pictures and then register free of charge under Data portal-login (see blue field on the right) to use our master data portal. You can then choose which manufacturers you would like to ask for a product release. As a data recipient you have the possibility to use the product release again at a later date and, for example, to contact all manufacturers who have not yet been contacted.